“We Run the World” Female DJ Agency is a Global Award-Winning Female DJ Agency based in London. Forbes recently featured us.  We are known for being the number 1 first professional all-female DJ agency in the World.

We supply some of the world’s most talented and fresh female DJs to events such as virtual events, corporate events, fashion events, beauty events. We also supply our female DJs for club nights, festivals, high – end hotels bar to a luxurious wedding and lush occasions to enhance and make the best of their specific event in the UK and worldwide.

Our main aim is to deliver excellent customer service to our clients while raising our female DJs profile to the world, making inroads into a male-dominated industry.

We work with top premier female DJs and promising female DJs.  Ones that know how to read a crowd and deliver a superb performance no matter the occasion or event.

We strive always to experience a positive, friendly and professional encounter with our clients and DJs.

How we got here

My name is Dj China L’One, and I am the founder of “We Run the World” Female DJ Agency. I started as a DJ over a decade ago, and after Djing for a while, I noticed there wasn’t a platform where female DJs were promoted. And I mean all-female DJs — not just the ones working with big radio stations or brands, but all talented and hardworking professional DJ divas out there.

A while back, this idea was why I received a Prince’s Trust Award for my first Business in 2002 called ‘Raw Talent’ I also got an RSA award recognizing my excellent management and organization skills.

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