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“One of Europe’s most highly acclaimed DJ’s Nikki is a multi faceted icon” Reebok
“DJ Nikki is so dope” Kelis
“Arguably the hottest female DJ in the UK” Idol Magazine “Nikki got the party Poppin” Diddy

“DJ Nikki truly rocked the party” Elle Magazine “One of London’s Top DJ’s” Evening Standard

DJ Nikki Beatnik is an international DJ Producer & Musician who is consistently quoted as one of the best DJ’s in the UK. Nikki has spun in 60 countries worldwide from Ibiza to Singapore. Nikki has the skills of a hip hop DJ but has a love for many electronic genres, hence being known for never playing the same set twice. She has worked with legendary musicians, is long time collaborator partner in crime and tour DJ for Kelis and has DJ’d countless festivals, awards ceremonies, artist parties, concerts and clubs. Nikki is also a multi talented creative who has been behind some of the most legendary parties in London’s clubland. As a producer writer & remixer Nikki has had major worldwide radio play alongside her brother Statis the other half of Beatnik. The pair are also prolific Vloggers and have a youtube channel dedicated to all things ‘DJ’.

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