Our Founder


Welcome to We Run The World Female DJ Agency

DJ China L’One has performed all over the UK and at London’s most exclusive clubs and venues, including the Ministry of Sound, Pacha, No. 5 Cavendish Square, CherryJam, Palm Beach Casino, The Colony Club to name but a few.

“Some people spend a lifetime looking for their passion. My passion found me and I just had to be brave enough to never look back.”

Our founder, DJ China L’One, is an internationally Female DJ, entrepreneur, published author, and a member of Toastmasters International. If you’re the kind of person that goes out partying every weekend, you’ve probably already seen her rock the place. And if you haven’t, you should!

DJ China L’One was featured in the IOD (Institute Of Directors) May 2018 Magazine publication . IOD is the most influential institution in the UK. China said and we quote, ” it was really nice to be recognised.” The magazine is read by over 52,000 people every month.

How we got here:

“My name is DJ China L’One and I am the founder of “We Run the World” Female DJ Agency. After DJing for over 12 years, I noticed there wasn’t a platform where real female DJ’s were promoted – not just the ones working with big brand radio stations, but all talented DJ divas out there.

It looks like it was a good idea – I received a Prince’s Trust Award for Business Startup in 2002, as well as RSA award recognizing my excellent management and organization skills.

Because of our professionalism and excellent service our business has grown significantly over the years. Me and my team have worked with top companies within various business sectors. The biggest one to date is flying our New York female DJ Ria to represent us in Montreal, Canada for the unveiling of Mercedes Benz AMG Project 1 with a Formula 1 engine on Saturday 9 June 2018.

Celebrities on the event included a live interview with British racing driver Lewis Hamilton, American singer Ciara and her husband American football quarterback for Seattle Seahawks Dangeruss Wilson and Canadian country singer Kim Richardson who also performed at the event.”

For Women’s History Month 2017, London’s Black leading Urban Newspaper, “The Voice,” celebrated Dj China L’One, for her achievement in her field as a Female Dj and for her work in raising and extending the platform for female djs worldwide.

Prince Trust awarded China for singlehandedly running a top London club for young people in 2002. She is also the winner of the RSA Royal Society of Art Award recognizing her work with young people, more specifically giving youngsters a platform from which to showcase their talent.

The Future:

DJ China L’One hope in the future is that female DJs will be treated in the music arena as equally as their male counterparts. Not just in the corporate, fashion and instore events, but big festivals and club nights, that still seem to be dominated by men. Us girls are coming to get you!