Tips for Choosing an Instore DJ

Believe it or not, an in-store DJ can be the make or break of a marketing event. You can live with bad catering service or improper decoration, but a lousy DJ can kill the atmosphere of your special day. So here are some tips on choosing an Instore DJ that will reflect the atmosphere that you want.

Be Clear About What You Want

Every event is different, and although we may think it is obvious what a good event should be like, not everyone has the same taste; while some people are desperate to dance La Macarena with their Aunt Maude other couples have the same track on their “do not play under any circumstance” list. When directing your DJ, make sure they understand what kind of event you wish to create.

Interview Them

You can begin looking for the ideal DJ once you have a general concept of the type of DJ you want. You can get an idea of their repertoire by asking to watch live youtube links from other similar events. You might also assess their demean our and general look; are they pleasant and well-dressed? Would they get petty when someone asks for the music to be turned down?

Beware Your Favorite DJ

It’s a risk to have your favourite DJ from the trendy local nightclub perform in your store. Unless you know for sure that all of your pals will be up dancing to the current music, the reality is that if the DJ isn’t playing what’s on the radio, you can find the older generation bored in the store talking about how the Beatles can’t be beat. The music at your store should reflect your customer’s a truly spectacular party.

“Do Not Play” Lists

It’s a good idea to make a list of your favourite party songs that you’d want to hear and ones that are a no-no to help the DJ understand your musical preferences. You can rest assured that the DJ is well-versed in your musical tastes.


Unless the facility where your in-store event is being held has everything set up, a sound check is required. Check with your DJ to see what equipment they have, such as audio systems, lights, connections, adapters, and connections. Check to see whether they provide a particular package that includes all of the necessary equipment and their appearance fees.

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