We Run the World Female DJ Agency is a female lead all-female dj agency founded by myself, China L’One, based in London. 

After Djing for a while, I noticed there wasn’t a platform where female DJs were promoted. And I mean all-female DJs — not just those working with big radio stations or brands, but all talented and hardworking professional or potential Female DJs out there. I created We Run The World Female DJ Agency in 2012, making us the first professional and global awarded winning all-female dj agency globally. 

 My main goals were to raise awareness for Female DJs globally while creating pathways for female djs locally in my home town London and globally.  As a London based DJ agency, We strive always to experience a positive, friendly and professional encounter with our clients and DJs. And to deliver excellent customer service to all our clients while making inroads into a male-dominated industry. I also want to ensure our Female Djs are all getting paid fairly. 

We have been nominated for various awards since 2012 and won the Business Excellence Award in 2020 and finalist for Creative Business 2020. We Run The World Female DJ Agency’s work has been recognised in Forbes and invited to 10 Downing St and other global publications.  

We work with celebrities Female DJs to promising Female DJs both in London and worldwide, supplying our first-class services to global brands, beauty brands, fashion brands, festivals, and high-end events worldwide.   

We Run The World Female Dj Agency is an excellent choice for anyone looking to support Female Dj, London Dj hire, International Female Djs or supporting a black-owned business. 

I am looking forward to working with you.

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