“We Run The World” Female DJ Agency is a leading DJ agency in London and offers professional DJ services for corporate events, beauty events, fashion events, festivals, in-store events, and others. Our DJ services are provided across the UK and around the world.

Our DJs play the music you would love to hear. Our female DJs are reliable, qualified, and backed by years of experience. They highlight the exhilaration of the club to your event for all music genres at competitive prices.

Launched in 2012, We Run The World Female DJ Agency’s first and foremost objective is to create a trail and increase awareness about professional female DJs worldwide. Our Female DJs have years of experience in the DJing industry, DJing from Festival, Instore, Fashion events to Virtual events. We work with both Female DJs and clients worldwide.

Our female DJs are skilled, experienced, supercharged, and possess fantastic time management skills.

We strongly believe in women’s empowerment. We support our female DJs when they need it and offer equal opportunities. They are paid fairly and commensurate to the amount you give to us.

Our focus remains not only on providing DJing services but also on building lasting relationships with our clients to provide them with a full-fledged DJing experience.

Why choose the female DJs at “We Run The World” Female DJ Agency?

  1. We are the top all-female DJ agency providing the most sought-after music for events and shows.
  2. Female DJs are beautiful gorgeous and add more visual appeal to your event.
  3. We add fun, develop the right atmosphere, and make your event enriched with music that gets everyone excited.
  4. We have tremendous experience in DJing, and we have worked with numerous clients all across the world.
  5. We work for clients worldwide, be it a corporate event, fashion show, in-store event, virtual DJ, or other occasions.

Our agency is run by China L’One, a two-time award-winning entrepreneur and international female DJ. The primary objective was to raise female DJs’ profile, awareness, and skills worldwide while also securing DJ bookings. Being in the industry for so many years, our female DJs understand every element of the DJ world and deliver a fun-packed musical experience.

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