Djing at Monkey Island Estate for Mercedes Benz

Djing at Monkey Island Estate for Mercedes Benz was a special event for our female DJ agency this year. Mercedes Benz is one of the biggest brands that we have worked with, and we have dj’ed at many events organized by the brand. However, we were ecstatic when invited to DJ for Mercedes Benz at Monkey Island Estates in Maidenhead, UK, for a special event. The atmosphere was electrifying – talk about the venue, the organizer and of course, the music provided by We Run The World Female DJ Agency.

Mercedes Benz is a German luxury car manufacturer that specializes in producing vehicles with state-of-the-art technology. The company is unarguably one of the leading global brands when it comes to manufacturing exotic and high-performance vehicles. The company has a presence in the UK, and we are delighted to work with them. We have dj’ed for Mercedes Benz on several occasions, and djing at the event in Monkey Island Estate was a pleasant experience for us.

Monkey Island Estate is constructed on about seven acres of land on a picturesque island in the River Thames in Berkshire. The destination is only accessed by boat, footbridge and helicopter because it is a secluded country venue. The island is centuries old and one of the destinations visited by aristocrats, monarchs, artists and writers. The location exudes the timeless glamour of rich nature.

Mercedes Benz organizing an event at Monkey Island Estate was a perfect match as the brand is known for excellence and elegance. And having We Run The World Female DJ Agency behind the decks djing is the best thing that ever happened. The event was like one made in heaven – the event being organized by one of the best automobile manufacturers in the industry at one of the best locations with the best female DJ agency in charge of the music.

We Run The World Female DJ Agency is the destination for the best female DJs for all types of events. We are dedicated to providing the glamour that your event needs to make the news headlines. We have dj’ed for different businesses, brands, organizations and individuals, and ensured to deliver the best results possible. Contact us whenever you need a female DJ to DJ for your event.

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