Harrods Beauty – Lakeside Shopping Centre

After taking some time off DJing, DJ China L’One of We Run The World Female DJ Agency returns to the decks with a blast. DJ China L’One is the CEO and founder of We Run The World Female DJ Agency. She was absent from the deck for some time but returned to the decks in August, starting with an event at Harrods Beauty.

It is amazing having DJ China back on the decks after some time. Her return unarguably was with fire, intensity, and irresistible bangers. DJ China keeps representing the agency well and raising the bar of female DJs in the industry. Whenever a female DJ is mentioned, We Run The World Female DJ Agency comes to mind. The group comprises the best female DJs whose quality and repertoire rival their male contemporaries in the industry.

Throughout August, DJ China, alongside other We Run The World Female DJs, dj’ed in Harrods Beauty, Lakeside Shopping Centre. The atmosphere was lively as customers around unavoidably had to stay longer due to the well-curated playlists of nostalgia-provoking and latest jams blaring through the speakers. Customers had a great time getting their beauty routine done while listening to good music.

Listen to good music. Expect more music and djing services from DJ China and the rest of the ladies at We Run The World Female DJ Agency at Harrods Beauty special events.

Also, we will be djing again for Kylie Jenner for a cosmetics launch coming up later this year. It will be a great fun time djing for Kylie Cosmetics for the program. We have also dj’ed for many beauty brands and events. We Run The World Female DJ Agency will make it fun and memorable whatever the event is about.

If you have an event coming up, let We Run The World Female DJ Agency help you create memorable moments with excellent quality music. Each female DJ on our agency has unique work ethics and distinct playlists that will undoubtedly set your event on fire. Our award-winning female DJs are the best in the industry. Contact us now.

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