Harrods Beauty Opening in Bristol

Hurrah! Harrods Beauty opened a brand new store in Bristol on Thursday, 21st April 2022. As one of our special clients, We Run The World Female DJ Agency was asked to DJ at the event from the 21st to the 24th of April. The store opening was a huge success, and we are happy to be a part of the success story.

Having DJed for Harrods Beauty before last year at the Lakeside Shopping Centre in June and July, we were invited to DJ at the event. Because the event was held in Bristol, Female DJ Rach Kay represented the agency at the opening. Assuredly, she was on top of the beat, playing lovely songs that created the perfect ambience for the event. All attendees at the opening were treated to great music and tunes.

From one great song to another, Female DJ Rach Kay created a string of awesome, irresistible songs that left customers and guests in attendance with a pleasant experience. It was an atmosphere of joy as Harrods Beauty’s customers in Bristol now have access to their favourite beauty products without having to go to Lakeside Shopping Centre. They get to have the same products, treatments and feelings in their neighbourhood, saving them time and stress.

One of the famous personalities at the store opening is Siannise Fudge, a Reality TV and social media personality and former Love Island star who is originally from Bristol. People from all walks of life also graced the occasion. It was, however, not surprising that everyone present had a great time checking out the store, beauty products and other services being offered while Female DJ Rach Kay was playing excellent music in the background.

At We Run The World Female DJ Agency, we have positioned our female DJs as the best Female DJ for beauty events. Women are unarguably the best to handle beauty events because the events are meant for us. We are best suited for all beauty events. Our female DJs are guaranteed to make the beauty events lively and enjoyable for fellow women, ladies and everyone in attendance.

Contact We Run The World Female DJ Agency when you need an experienced female DJ for beauty events. We have top-notch female DJs who are making waves in the industry. We assure you of the best experience, as your event will become the standard for other beauty events. Your event will be so exciting and unforgettable that it will be hard to believe that it is time to end the program.

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