HVAC & Refrigeration Show: We’re hot and we’re cold

At We Run The World female DJ Agency, we can handle any and all kinds of events: from the hottest parties to the most strictly professional industry shows.

Our latest gig was at the HVAC & Refrigeration Show that took place in the Excel center 23rd, 24th and 25th of January. The specific tone of the event required someone who knew how to use music to create a buzz around a series of seminars, conferences, industry insight series and more. Who would that be? Dj Maxine Hardcastle, of course.

Dj Maxine’s passion is house music and house music is ideal not only for raves, but also as an elegant backdrop to high-end industrial exhibitions. That is, of course, if you know how to mix and match the right tunes, and Maxine really does.

And because we never say “no” when someone needs help, we didn’t just provide the DJ — we provided the entire PA system for the event, which is the kind of thing organizers of events just love: getting it all from one place.

Yup, we’re that place and sound-wise, we have everything to make any gathering of people a massive success.

You can see the photos and videos of the HVAC & Refrigeration Show bellow.

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