London Fashion Week, Where the Best of Fashion Met the Best of Female DJing!

As it was London Fashion Week, Beauty Bay put up an event in aid of London Fashion Week, which was held at the Soho Square, Central London. And when Beauty Bay chose the Sarke Twins, one of our amazing and fashionable Female DJ Duo acts, we did not waste time in sending our female Dj duo – Sarke Twins to DJ for Beauty Bay, As the best female DJ agency, we have the highest quality female DJs.

The occasion demanded that we supplied topnotch groovy music that will complement the setting of the program. Being our area of expertise, we couldn’t turn them down. And trust our female DJ duo; the venue was on fire as the modern fashion display met the best of DJing to create a seamless experience for all participants of the program.

Beauty Bay is one of the leading beauty shops in London renowned for excellent products and brands that define and dominate the beauty industry. Beauty Bay specialises in providing high-quality beauty, hair and skincare products and the event featured their make-up artists and hairstyle stylists. Also to create the mouth-watering experience was Pan n Ice,, with their machine to make the ice cream in everyone’s presence. Pan n Ice are renowned for their awesome ice cream that gets everyone in the queue all day for the premium taste that redefines the taste of ice cream.
At the Beauty Bay, our female DJ duo – Sarke Twins rocked every minute with the grooves and melodies that synced with the event. It was a fantastic day, and our female DJs had a wonderful time djing for the famous Beauty Bay. The event was fun and fired up with the best music possible that made everyone forget about time and got carried away with the fun of the day.

Our female DJs are the best when it comes to mixing and matching the best sound and music that takes the event to the next level. Everybody in attendance was satisfied and loved that as the female DJ agency, we supplied the best female DJs that declared our quality and the best we’ve got. Beauty Bay will not forget the experience they had with our high-spirited female DJs in a hurry – it was off the chart! It was a great occasion where the best of beauty met the best of female DJing

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