At the height of London – Aqua Shard

SBTech Global like to play. They like to play big. Naturally, for their 2018 corporate event, they chose the highest building in the city, the bar with the most mind-blowing London view Aqua Shard, London Bridge and We Run The World female DJ agency.

 Just as we were wondering which of our fabulous DJs would fit the event best, SBTech made it easy: they wanted Rosie from Scotland. Rosie they want, Rosie it is. We flew our sexy little rose to the city and left it to her to light up the night. Boy, did she do a great job!

 Her eye-catching outfit and 24-carat smile were just the beginning of it: when Rosie put her headphones on is where the party really began. She started slowly warming up the crowd and kept them on their toes all night long. Was there dancing? There was! And you can imagine what this means for a corporate event.

 In short, at We Run The World, we’re not afraid of dizzying heights. We live there. You have a high profile event coming up? We have just the DJ.



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