Urban Decay Cosmetic – Naked Petite Heat Launch!

Launching a product line has never been this awesome with our female DJ on the ground to provide the best grooves and music to the satisfaction of all attendees! The event organised by Urban Decay Cosmetic was one of several memorable events we cannot forget in a hurry. It was the launching of Urban Decay’s new cosmetic brand – Naked Petite Heat, the lush new Eyeshadow Palette. The launch was held in their two branches, King Cross Station and Covent Garden on 30th March 2018.

Being the launch of a state-of-the-art beauty procedure product, we were happy to supply our International Female DJ and CEO of We Run The World Female DJ, DJ China L’One with our new palette.  When launching a new cosmetic brand, it is necessary to start on a firm footing by asking for the best female DJ  We Run The World Female DJ Agency has to offer and trust us, DJ China L’One made it an impressive launch.

Knowing the right music and groove and getting each setting and moment just right is essential to making it successful. This is what China did and did well.  Dazzling the guests and attendees of the launch as she started with mid-tempo groove music to warm the audience and gradually turning it up, unleashing an electrifying and exciting set.

Urban Decay Cosmetic, the home of the best make-up product, presents Naked Petite Heat, the lush new Eyeshadow Palette. There know just how to turn up the heat and give you a celebrity facial make-over with a beautiful finish that makes you look exquisite and make heads turn. The day was amazing as they had their make-up artists try the product on clients transforming the venue into a park of beauties.

If you are planning a launch of a product line, contact We Run The World Female DJ Agency for a seasoned female DJ who understands what you want and will ensure to keep everyone entertained. Choosing the right DJ is crucial to your experience. Call for our female DJs today and make your event lit.

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