DJ China L’One – London

Meet China L’One, the boundary-breaking Open Format DJ redefining the music scene with her diverse mixes. From Pop and Hip-Hop to Commercial House and Club Classics, Chill house to Lounge, China effortlessly blends genres, crafting unforgettable experiences.

Featured in Forbes, China’s career is adorned with remarkable achievements. In 2022, she made history as the DJ for the Euros Women Final at Wembley Stadium, captivating over 90,000 fans. Earlier, she set ablaze the stage at the launch of Disney Plus’s ‘Y: The Last Man’ TV show in September 2021.

From London’s elite clubs to international venues, China’s magnetic presence transcends borders. She’s a coveted talent for fashion and beauty brands, gracing boutique events and fashion shows.

China’s influence extends beyond music to media and television, with notable appearances including 10 Downing Street. Alongside her DJ career, China L’One founded the esteemed We Run The World Female DJ Agency.








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