Dj Natalie Roache

“I think WRTW Female Dj agency is the best place for any female dj to go to. The agency manager China L’One is such a good positive and strong lady she has years of experience as a dj and knows how the game works. She has come across discrimination against female djs in the past so she wants to stop that. We are all musicians at the end of the day. The industry has become a lot harder these days and without an agent it can be very hard to get any gigs. Thats why I would recommend WRTW as they can take the pressure off and help you get gigs and promote you. The agency works with some top clients in the UK and Internationally. The Agency really promotes its djs on all social media platforms and is always creating new fresh artwork and posters for its djs and its clients.

I was one of the 1st djs on the agency and I can tell you I have come a long way since then. I was djing as a hobby since my teens. So two years ago I found WRTW online and emailed them. China took me onboard and helped me set up all my social media links e.g..facebook dj page, twitter, youtube, dj bio. She advised me to get professional pictures and to upload more mixes and promote them on my social media. This advise was great as a wasn’t sure how to get myself noticed. Eventually I was booked for Pacha London! This was a dream come true and this led onto further gigs there and at Ministry of Sound!!! I could only dream about playing at these venues growing up!! Last summer I was booked to play at a boat party and beach party in Ibiza! The agency has really given me confidence in myself as a dj. I never thought I could make it as a dj but China has always been so positive and has really inspired me I am so grateful to her. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for her mentoring me along the way. The agency is highly professional in every way”.
Natalie Roache

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