Four Things To Know Before Consulting One of The Promotional Event DJs

With any event, the ultimate desire is for it to go off without a hitch – from talent not showing up on time to product displays not being ready and everything in between.

Corporate event planners who want to include music in their event, party, or marketing activation face new challenges, ranging from booking the correct musician or promotional event DJs to the sound system itself.

To confirm that they know how to perform for a marketing event.

Many DJs have worked in the entertainment industry, such as nightclubs and parties. However, these are far more laid-back occasions with wholly different criteria, both in the DJ’s style or demeanour and the music they play… And it’s not the professional approach you’ll want for your marketing activation or another corporate event – we’re talking rude and obnoxious on-stage behaviour, music with every derogatory word, and more.

Make sure they have the right equipment.

The sound system is the single most significant point of failure for an event with a live DJ. If you’ve reserved a venue or location with built-in sound, don’t expect it to work correctly. If the venue does not provide a sound specialist, this is a significant red flag that the equipment could be problematic.

The truth is that getting the sound correct requires hiring a sound technician to ensure that everything is connected and ready to go when the time comes. And, because this is probably the last thing you want to worry about for your event, it is recommended to choose one of the promotional event DJs that includes sound engineering (and, if necessary, sound equipment) in their contract.

Make sure they understand the brand and audience.

A DJ who does not “look the part” of the brand will stick out a lot at marketing activations, where nearly every inch of space in the event venue is prepared to the requirements of that brand. You’ll want a DJ (male or female) who is very sensitive to their personal style if you’re introducing a new line of athletic underwear; if you’re releasing a new line of athletic underwear, your ideal DJ (male or female) will be sportier.

They should be able to mix music.

To put it another way, can your DJ truly DJ? Or do their DJ skills consist solely of pressing the ‘play’ button on a pre-recorded mix? The latter occurs far more frequently than you might expect, as there are many “model DJs” out there who look nice but have no experience with turntables, particularly in fashion/beauty corporate events.

This is a significant issue because DJ expertise and skills are critical to an event’s success. If a marketing engagement includes live music that will be the sound that everyone in the venue hears from the moment they walk in until they depart.

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