Dj Natalie Roache

“I think WRTW Female Dj agency is the best place for any female dj to go to. The agency manager China L’One is such a good positive and strong lady she has years of experience as a dj and knows how the game works. She has come across discrimination against female djs in the past […]

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london Fashion Week

We were really excited to Dj for TOPSHOP as they supported London Fashion Week 2015. Dj China L’One representing us, playing some of the hottest 90s R&B-HIP-HOP tracks, on Sunday 20 February 29m-4pm. Some of her tracks were……. Mariah Carey – Fantasy TLC – Scrubs Missy Elliot – Get your freak on Destiny Child – […]

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The Inequality of Female Djs

I would like to shed some light on the injustices that a Female DJ faces as compared to their male counterparts. When I started DJing in the 2000s there were not many Female DJs at the time and it was very hard for Female DJs to get bookings. Many Male DJs, in general, will speak […]

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Female Dj

Is it appealing? Unattractive? Surprising? Impressive? Unusual? Today, we can’t deny the fact that there aren’t many female-DJs in the music industry and this is something that baffles me completely knowing the fact that as a whole, women are just as musically talented as men. Talent is something you are born with; it is your craft […]

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